Jazz sets a new benchmark in our development of two-way loudspeakers, its transparency and fidelity with a large dose of absolute musicality will make it impossible to get up from the sofa in your listening room. Its development continues with the use of birch plywood, in communion with the latest generation Accuton drivers, with design and manufacturing methods that we have not stopped improving in these 7 years. This model has improved dynamics, with amazing bass for a two-way system, allowing whispers to be reproduced clearly. Jazz, that type of speaker that will make you re-review your record collection as if it were the first time.

   Structural rigidity is the key, for this we created the dualbox system 5 years ago. Jazz combines the 3D design in birch plywood, that is, the wood fibers extend in all three axes to naturally cancel out vibrations. Wood is a living material, and it is necessary to keep it fixed and in tension, just as wooden musical instruments do. For this, several carbon steel rods keep the enclosure in tension on different axes. This tension in the enclosure makes it possible for the sound to be dynamic and to reproduce the small sound details on an acoustic black background. The internal cushioning is made using natural pressed textiles and authentic sheep wool filling, elements that give it musicality in the lower middle zone and allow the human voice to flow with emotion.

   Accuton has been our driver supplier since the beginning, its products are synonymous with quality and precision in the ceramic cone market. This type of controller is surely one of the best and most accurate, but due to its technology, it requires superior control of its resonance nodes. Once this pureblood is controlled, it is capable of making the most demanding music lover fall in love. With a 30 mm inverted cone light sapphire tweeter, titanium coil and double neodymium magnet, the Jazz reproduces highs up to 25 kHz in a transparent and dynamic way. Perfectly coupled a 173 mm woofer also with inverted sapphire cone and titanium coil, reproducing the frequencies faithfully from the cut-off point at 2.5 kHz to 35 Hz in a linear and controlled way. For a better response in transients, the rear surface is treated with anti-resonant elements. For demanding customers, Jazz is also mounted with a 25 mm diamond tweeter, allowing to reduce the third harmonic distortion to very low values (0.5% @ 110 dB) and extending the linear response to 33 kHz.

   The filter developed uses high-performance mundorf components adjusted to the Accuton driver specifications, taking special care in adjusting the resonances of the cones and linearizing them isophonically. 

   The combination of a rigid wooden cabinet with Accuton drivers and precise filtering, results in a two-way system that performs perfectly in medium-sized rooms with a spectacular low frequency extension, reproducing voices naturally. Classical or electronic music will never have sounded the same to you.

Jazz Speaker