Big Jazz Evo Speaker

Bonysound is in direct contact with the customer, this is essential for product evolutions, the clearest case is Big Jazz Evo Speaker, as a personalized project, for a demanding customer, it becomes a standard model.


Big Jazz Evo was born to excite and fill rooms of up to 50m2 with dynamic sound, all without acoustic fatigue. This is a steel-reinforced birch wood speaker box, which has been fitted, like its predecessor, with excellent Accuton brand drivers, in a configuration never seen before. The improvement in performance is not long in coming, and from the first note the most expert audiophile will notice the difference in the sound scene and definition of harmonics. In its Full Diamond version, the quality and precision extends throughout the spectrum from 30Hz to 60 kHz, with the greatest detail in the mid-high area where it equals the best speaker system currently on the market. Structural rigidity is the key, for this we created the dualbox system 5 years ago. Big Jazz Evo Diamond combines 3D design in birch plywood, that is, the wood fibers extend in all three axes to naturally cancel out vibrations. Wood is a living material and it is necessary to keep it fixed and in tension, just as wooden musical instruments do, for this several carbon steel rods tense the enclosure from inside the wood in different axes. This tension makes it possible for the enclosure to be dynamic and to reproduce small sound details on an acoustic black background. The interior cushioning is made using pressed natural textiles and genuine sheep's wool as padding, elements that give it musicality in the lower bass area and allow the human voice to flow with emotion.


Accuton has been our driver supplier since the beginning, their products are synonymous with quality and precision within the ceramic cone market. This type of controller is surely one of the best and most precise, but due to its technology, it requires superior control in its resonance nodes. Once this thoroughbred has been controlled, it is capable of making people fall in love and for this the development of filters is fundamental. With a 20mm lightweight Diamond inverted cone tweeter, titanium voice coil and double neodymium magnet and a 51mm midrange driver with the same characteristics, the Big Jazz Evo Full Diamond reproduces the mid-highs up to 60kHz transparently and dynamic. Perfectly coupled, two 220mm woofers with inverted ceramic cone and titanium coil and neodymium magnet faithfully reproduce frequencies from the cutoff point at 800Hz to 25Hz in a linear and controlled manner. For a better response in transients, the rear surface is treated with anti-resonant elements like the rest of bonysound drivers.


In a spirit of continuous improvement, we wanted to provide Diamond drivers to the initial range of the Big Jazz Evo, creating a product with exceptional characteristics that can speak face to face with the best existing three-way systems. The solution is the use of Accuton's innovative Kevlar-sandwich drivers within a 100% birch plywood acoustic enclosure. The filter developed uses high-performance Mundorf components adjusted to the specifications of the Accuton drivers with cutoff points of 800Hz and 3.2kHz, taking special care in adjusting the resonances of the cones and linearizing them isophonically.


With its high-flying specifications, Big Jazz Evo Speaker Full Diamond is surely the best speaker on the market in terms of value for money, a full diamond configuration in mids and highs with double ceramic woofers, all of them with neodymium magnets, is unbeatable.