The idea of bonySound is part of the dream of Maximino López, a Spanish electronic engineer with more than 35 years of experience in audio and equipment manufacturing. Since the age of 15 he has built and modified acoustic boxes and knows the ins and outs of manufacturing its components and details.


With experience in professional devices, audio and video consumer electronics, therefore your market vision is extensive and detailed. This aspect is very important in the development of products, allowing the accumulated experience to be transformed in speakers with a soul and audiophile features with a high quality of details and customized finishes.

BonySound's proposal is based on an exhaustive development of long-term research and development, where the objective is to differentiate the product from the rest of the market, both in exterior and interior design and in performance. An example was the Symphony model, now discontinued, in which more than 4 years have been invested in its design and optimization, being the firm basis for the creation of the Jazz series.


Our team comes from a time when everything was analog, that fantastic sound, especially from vinyl, has been degraded by the misuse of digital technology. Unfortunately, the design of the speakers has also lost that spirit and their sound is also dry and soulless.


Technology has advanced a lot in the design of drivers and electronics in this 21st century, giving meaning to our innovative spirit of applying it to improve that sound of the last century without losing its essence. It has taken a lot of time and investment, but finally we have a product that sounds like yesteryear but with improvements in dynamics and soundstage thanks to the Accuton signature drivers. That depth that vinyl had, now we have it in our Jazz speakers with digital sound in their veins.


We work so that the product captivates the most demanding audiophile with an extra external image that, in addition to dressing up the listening room, fills its owner with pride. For this, we always invite our friends to listen to the product in our facilities and to tell us about their impressions and their needs, that is our satisfaction.

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The Meaning of bonySound

The perception of Sound is produced by the vibration of bones inside the ear and which is channeled through a bone snail. Music is the Sound of the bones: the bonySound.


For our Foxterrier dog called Bonita, from which we adopted our logo, bonySound would be the sound of the bones that they love so much, but that would be another story ...

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